We are the specialists of control systems for industrial fans.

We help the air cooled heat exchanger to increase the regulation accuracy, in order to preserve the wanted operating point.
Thanks to three simple manual steps, also a non-specialist operator can set the parameters in only 30 seconds.
On our youtube channel you can find simple videos guidelines that will help you to set the ideal configuration step by step.>

Our technicians will help you whether by phone at +39 (0)306821611 or directly remotely during the initial installation and configuration of the device.

Unlike others controller manufacturers, thanks to our exclusive IES (Intelligent Energy Saving)  system, that is an algorithm developed with Lu-Ve and CSMT (a branch of university of Brescia), we guarantee a perfect regulation that ensure stable working conditions downstream of the exchanger, reducing:

  • the energy consumption up to 27%
  • the production waste
  • expensive downtimes
  • interventions of calibration

We are the only productor of regulation system that:

  • doesn’t force you to order in minimum purchasing lots
  • doesn’t prevent to change your current orders and modify the quantities
  • it doesn’t take ages for the delivery

Moreover, we are the only which can guarantee to you the deliveries in 2 weeks from order date and, in urgent cases, of a new controller within 24 hours. This prevent you from the programming of long-term orders and the increasing of the inventories with related costs and end-of-year taxes.

With our Fast Delivery system, which is dedicate to our customer service, we assure the delivery in 36 hours in any european area and between the 48 and 72 hours in the rest of the world.

What don’t we do?

We don’t control any fans with low slipping motors

Because they are made to work with fixed speed.

We don’t produce inverters

Because there are already fans with electronic commutation (EC motor) that are 7 times more efficient.

We don’t use inverter in our solution because:

– it needs special wiring with shielded cable

– it needs an expensive and an awkward EMC filter on supply side

– it needs special motors with at least a double insulation

– it needs a sine filter for the protection of the connected fans

– it needs an active filter for the harmonic distortion (THD) on supply side

We don’t trade any item which is not designed and produced in our factory.

Because we control directly the entire production chain, in order to guarantee the promised delivery in 2 weeks and the 36 months of warranty.