So here’s the Secret Element of EC Fans that Cuts your Electricity Bill to Half

In this article I shall explain what the producers of Electricity want to hide from you!

The Trick’s there but it’s invisible! It’s well hidden inside…

AC (Induction Motor) Fans use Asynchronous motors while the EC Fans use Synchronous Motors (Brushless); the substantial difference between the traditional asynchronous motors and the synchronous ones lies in the Rotor.

In the case of the synchronous motor of permanent magnets that are lacking in the asynchronous motor, let us try to understand it better with the help of these images:






In order to turn, the motor needs a magnetized rotor, and in the case of asynchronous motors this magnetisation occurs to the detriment of the electric power supplied to the motor; in the case of synchronous motors instead, the magnetization is already present because it is furnished by permanent magnets.

In this case you will have a useless waste of Energy for rotor magnetization thus you will need an electronic control on every motor.

In the graph below, the impact of the choice of EC Fans on power consumptions is evident:


13874909_10209615264365699_65057676_nFonte: ebm-papst

As you see, at half of the maximum air capacity (low running speed of Fan) the energy saving reaches up to 68% compared to an AC Fan.

The Fans are rarely used at full speed, thus the Energy savings allow you to recover in a few months, the difference in costs of EC Fans.

On the average, the Fans run at half the maximum capacity and therefore Energy consumption is reduced by 43% to 50%.


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