The SMART boost for your projects!

It’s amazing how technology precedes the needs of the market and develop applications that meet in advance the demand of specialized technical solutions!

For example, the new ebm-papst proposal of Compact EC fans (series ACi 4400) for cabinets and refrigerated display cases.

It is a device that guarantees high performances of efficiency and allows different operation options:

  • ON/OFF control
  • Speed control (from 25% to 100%)
  • Emergency Function:
    • Motor at 100% of speed in case of damage to the remote control
    • Motor at 100% of speed in case of break of command cable
    • Automatic unlock in case of ice on the rotor of the fan impeller

If we complete the German technology efficiency with the Italian versatility and technological resilience (made in Brescia), we’ll create a Solution suitable for all kind of control devices, that stabilizes the system and ensure the functioning.

A wedding of devices that make EXCLUSIVE, EFFICIENT and SAFE your technological proposal, the perfect match that completes all the technical and applicative needs of the HoReCa industry


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