Discover how a Simple Blue Pill of a few cents can Make you Save thousands of Euros.

Man is like a train:
– at 20 he’s a local train, stopping at all the stations;
– at 30 he is a Direct train, stopping only at district capitals;
– at 40 he is an Express train, stopping only in big cities;
– at 50 he is a Rapid train, stopping only to discharge;
– at 60 he no longer runs, but goes to the Deposit station.

Have you heard this tale?
It has always made me reflect that, in fact, all of us after some years of activity need to get serviced!


But as you know:
Prevention is better than Cure!
The same goes for your equipment, they have to be preserved ….

Did you know that the devices powered by public electric lines, whether Single-phase at 230V or three-phase at 400V, are subject to impulse disorders also of several thousands of Volts, for various reasons like lightning strikes, line faults, overloads, etc.?

These events don’t last long (some micro seconds) and are of very low energy content (a few Watts) but they jeopardize the internal insulation of the electronic equipment and in the long run, can provoke faults and/or breakdowns.

The Blue pills, you see, are miraculous … No, in this case I am not talking about Viagra but about Varistors!

The Varistors are able to protect your equipment …No, I don’t mean your tool of pleasure.

If you use our Regulators, you last longer  ….

…Oops.. I meant your equipment will not undergo overload damages, and will last much loooonger.

All our regulators are assembled with three-series Varistors on the Single-phase and four Varistors on three-phase to be compatible with the TT TN IT Protection Systems.

It is no wonder that we are the Only Ones who offer a SUPER GUARANTEE 36 M.






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