The SMART boost for your projects! It’s amazing how technology precedes the needs of the market and develop applications that meet in advance the demand of specialized technical solutions! For example, the new ebm-papst proposal of Compact EC fans (series ACi 4400) for cabinets and refrigerated display cases. It is a device that guarantees high performances […]

The solution for refrigerated counters that valorises your projects reduces consumptions eliminates system downtimes

We’re all aware how competitive the refrigeration sector is, and especially in the HO.RE.CA sector. It is fundamental, especially today, to guarantee full efficiency of the refrigeration system and energy saving everyone expects. Whatever type of refrigerated counter you wish to offer:   The golden rule is to keep the foodstuffs in protected spaces! Every […]

9 Valid Reasons you should choose EC Regulation for industrial Fans

  Regulation NO (External devices need: Phase cut-off or inverter) YES (Electronic command onboard) YES (Electronic command onboard) Accurate Regulation of Speed and Air Capacity     Scarce   Good   Excellent Monitoring of Single Fan parameters   NO NO YES Temperature Range -40⁰C/+85⁰C -25⁰C/ +70⁰C -25⁰C/ + 70⁰C Noise regulated       Cost […]

So here’s the Secret Element of EC Fans that Cuts your Electricity Bill to Half

In this article I shall explain what the producers of Electricity want to hide from you! The Trick’s there but it’s invisible! It’s well hidden inside… AC (Induction Motor) Fans use Asynchronous motors while the EC Fans use Synchronous Motors (Brushless); the substantial difference between the traditional asynchronous motors and the synchronous ones lies in […]