The solution for refrigerated counters that valorises your projects reduces consumptions eliminates system downtimes

We’re all aware how competitive the refrigeration sector is, and especially in the HO.RE.CA sector.

It is fundamental, especially today, to guarantee full efficiency of the refrigeration system and energy saving everyone expects.
Whatever type of refrigerated counter you wish to offer:


The golden rule is to keep the foodstuffs in protected spaces!

Every technician acknowledges that the lighting systems contribute to heating up the room temperature in the sales area and consequently, indirectly affect the evaporation units through the fridge counter’s air barrier, especially if they are open ones.

So: optimise the efficiency of the convector!

This is surely the objective, since it is fundamental to easily adapt and optimise the air barrier, so as to limit the maximum amount of heat for the induction of the environment’s air.

Just a few years ago, the solutions were limited to fans with AC motors.

Today, we need to guarantee efficiency and savings that can be obtained only by using fans with electronic motors, commonly called EC fans.

There are basically 3 types of functions:

  • fixed speed
  • 2 – speeds (programmable with software)
  • at variable speeds, with 0-10 Vdc control

If the objective is to maintain the air flow at optimal level, and limit the heat exchange between the surroundings and the foodstuffs displayed, the choice of the adjustable fan with 0-10V controls is a must.

Once you’ve chosen the suitable EC, it is important to know how much current (mA) the input of the 0-10V control of the EC motor consumes, since each manufacturer has a different type of electronic motor management according to series and codes.

This is one of the fundamental parameters you should ask the manufacturer about.

Take, for example, the ebm-papst fan, of the series ACi4400 HHAU.

1 EC series ACi4400 HHAU fan consumes about 8 mA.

With 10 EC series ACi4400 fans, the regulating device has to generate the command from 0 to 10V with a current of at least 80 mA, to which one should add a 10% extra to guarantee totally safe operations.

So, to obtain an optimal level of air flow management in a simple and effective way, you would have to use an adjustable EC fan solution, and check if the controller is able to handle the load in mA of the fans connected on the 0-10V control panel.

Unfortunately, in many cases not all have experience in the technical characteristics the devices should have in order to manage these fans in a suitable manner, considering that the regulation is necessary to optimise the fan system, that is, rendering the refrigerated counter’s air barrier efficient, controlling the electronic fans (EC) in an effective way to conserve the values set, and keeping them stable according to design needs.

Inexperience forces many to seek seemingly attractive solutions such as:

Using unsuitable, cheap manual control devices, that cost a few EUR, precisely like those found on Amazon, so to speak, but which are not powerful enough (mA current) to suitably pilot an entire group of EC fans,,
Using a manual device, perhaps one for each fan!
with a decisive rise in costs, that transforms the machine into a tangle of wires to connect and gives an artistically horrid view, with the usual query:will it always work well?
Using adapted control equipment, that cost too much since they were intended for different applications and therefore not suitable to a stable piloting of an EC group of fans


With these adapted solutions, you can lose the command signal stability and consequently change the capacity of the fans.

How? You don’t need much!

Just a variation of 5% of the output power of the control device, which is not designed to compensate for the variations of the electric grid, and all your work ends up in the dumps!

In short, as the wise say: a waste of time and money!

The result is that if the air flow of the fan group is not suitably regulated and stable, there will be great impacts on energy consumption and operations, ruining the effectiveness of the air barrier which constantly protects the products in the refrigerated counter!

This makes it prone to inefficiency and sudden breakdowns of the system, designed to be super technological and super green, and we are well aware of how much a system downtime in the week-end would cost, beside the complaints of the enraged clients who will keep calling about all the products they had to dump in the waste bin!

Not to mention the risk of creating a huge flambé of the equipment which had been chosen for nonstop and heavy running, but above all for durability, since it is erroneous to consider the regulator as a simple accessory, and making a wrong choice of such a decisive component like the fan controller device would always stand for the failure of the entire project design, with the unavoidable consequences!

Just think: you chose to start your business in the market with an innovative refrigerating system, quality electric and electronic systems, LED lamps and EC fans, to offer a modern, totally green system with elevated energy savings!

And then you entrusted the control of the fans, heart of the system’s efficiency, to makeshift products or those adapted according to need ???

This is a dead-end street!




From today on, a sole multipurpose the command device  


Designed to adjust EC fans
E.g.: up to 25 EBM-PAPST series ACi4400 HHAU, run simultaneously in a stable, efficient and continuative manner.

Items to purchase

Wiring time

Development Times


The upgrade is visibly tangible!












And the natural result is

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